Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Had a long and interesting conversation with some friends tonight about progress. It's a strange thing to feel like you're in limbo between two levels of your career, and it whips your emotions into an odd mix of pride, defensiveness, art-vs.-commerce theory and impudence. It's at once inspiring and troubling.

The worst part is - No one has the answer.

Having spent a few hours mulling over the conversation, the only certainty I came away with is one that I've had since I was a kid: Patience is a virtue.

The trick is to remember that patience extends beyond the 'with others' scenario that your parents instilled in you. You also have to be patient with yourself.


  1. Right you are, and one of the most difficult things pssible to do. I find that, as I grow older, I have less patience with others, though, and absolutely no more patience with myself. That just doesn't seem right, somehow. Not sure what I can do about that, but AM sure I should be working on balancing all this out a bit more. I'll work on that.

  2. I couldn't agree more Nick. While I am in a transitional or yet cultivation and evolutionary period myself the tendency is to desire to see the end result as soon as possible. To read the last page first. To not sit back and watch the pages turn as the story unfolds. I'm learning how to wait for the last page. Which at times stirs up a plethora of emotion, angst and reward.