Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Daydreamers for Small Magazine

Twice a year, I have the privilege of shooting for Small Magazine. Conceived by co-editors Christine Visneau and Olivia Pintos-Lopez, Small is an online quarterly for parents who foster creativity and imagination in their children. The supremely talented stylist Valerie Mangum designed and built the sets (each of which features at least one handmade paper-cut prop) and worked tirelessly to cast and clothe the kids. She also made the paper-cut border that ties the story together. You can take a peek into her creative endeavors by following her blog Only On A Windy Day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dr. Orsak for D Magazine

The shoot with Dr. Orsak was replete with false starts, scheduling complications and bizarre parking rules. As an editorial shooter, you get used to these kinds of hurdles. I have to say, however, that once I was set up and had Dr. Orsak on set - he was one of the most cooperative subjects I've ever shot. 

PS - I shot his portrait in a conference room on the SMU campus, and students were lining up to watch the process. He handled the scenario like a  champ.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marc Solomon for Modern Luxury

For somebody who loves music as deeply as I do - deeply enough to modestly dabble in the form - it was great to finally get an assignment shooting a musician. Marc started a "School of Rock" for kids long before the Jack Black vehicle bearing that name ever existed. I think people like Marc who encourage kids to drop (or at least supplement) the plastic toggles and buttons of Guitar Hero in favor of actual wound steel and frets are doing future generations an enormous favor.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that Marc was a gracious, patient and willing subject. 

That Painful First Post

Well, crap... Even as I begin, I do so knowing full well that the world needs another photographer's blog like I need a brick to the back of the head. There - I admit it. 

There are, however, a handful of blogs I visit on a regular basis that - for lack of a better expression - shed some light. Sometimes, it's just for a bit of industry news. Sometimes it's to see something new or personal from a photographer, painter, or designer that gives me a kick in the ol' keister. Sometimes it's just nice to read that artists the world over are going through the same thing I am. 

I'm starting to write this with the hope that somebody might find it's contents useful, interesting, comforting, or at very least - good for a laugh.