Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chef Chad Houser

Chef Chad Houser is a great dude. Anthony Bourdain, David Chang and Gordon Ramsay (among others) have turned chefs into the new rock stars. It would be understandable, if not downright expected, for a young, celebrated culinary artist like Houser to ride the wave of accolades to personal fortune and franchise. Instead, Houser and fellow chef Janice Provost dreamed up Cafe Momentum: a non-profit organization that trains at-risk youth how to work in a professional kitchen. Since it's inception, Cafe Momentum has been operating as a pop-up, using the kitchens of other, already established fine-dining restaurants to train its pupils. That's all about to change, as Houser and Provost are currently looking for a permanent location that Cafe Momentum can call home.

My thanks to Chad for being a great sport, a willing subject, and a great guy to spend a couple of hours with. Additional thanks to the folks at Boulevardier in Dallas, TX for letting us shoot in their beautiful restaurant.

all images © Nick Prendergast