Friday, June 11, 2010

Gallus Cycles

My good friend Jeremy Shlachter builds custom bicycles by hand in Fort Worth, TX. As a novice to the process of bike building, I am blown away by the attention to detail and the focus it takes to put together a frame. The measurements alone take a day or two to get right. I've been documenting the process in what will undoubtedly be an ongoing series. What I'd really like to do is shoot right on through to the point where it's handed off to its new owner. I've been shooting video as well, and I'm hoping to make a short documentary following the process, from pieces of raw tubing to a fully functional cycle.

- schematics and measurements -

- custom lug work and the Gallus logo -

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Absolut + Spike Jonze: "I'm Here"

Absolut continues its excellent tradition of sponsoring amazing work by incredible visual artists. "I'm Here" is a short by the consistently innovative Spike Jonze, the plot of which is better viewed than described. What I love about these Absolut-comissioned projects is that the company doesn't insist on product placement, or even direct correlation to their vodka. It also appears that no expense was spared. This was undoubtedly a fairly expensive film to make, and wouldn't have been the same without the visual effects.

Check out the trailer:

I'm Here Trailer from We Love You So on Vimeo.

You can view the entire film at the official website.