Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Architect Svend Fruit for Modern Luxury

As a huge fan of modern architecture and design, I was beyond excited to get to shoot in a Howard Meyer-designed home in Greenway Parks. The subject of the shoot is Svend Fruit, architect half of the amazing design firm bodron+fruit. Svend specializes in carefully and beautifully restoring historic homes, and when the trend is to demolish the old and build something ugly and new in its place - it's refreshing to meet someone who sees the importance in saving what is already here. Especially when what's being saved is a gorgeous testament to a historically significant period in American style.

Here are a couple of outtakes that show a bit more of the house:

I had a great time shooting Svend. My only regret is that because his schedule was fairly restricted, I wasn't able to explore more options in and around that incredible house with him.

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