Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Always Take Your Camera With You

I've been offered this particular nugget of wisdom from fellow journeymen (and women) of the photographic trade more than any other tip in the cliché toolbox... Just so happens, it's great advice.

As I was traveling around the past month, I made a concerted effort to adhere to this idea. Not necessarily to capture something for my book, mind you, but for a more elementary purpose: to record the moments, people and situations you happen upon which - sad as it is - you might otherwise forget. 

Here are three portraits I shot along the way that, for one reason or another, stand out for me:

This dapper gent's name is Easter. I shit you not. He's a parking lot attendant in Hollywood (amongst other things, I'm sure) and looks the way I wish I could in my 50's. Seriously.

Crystal lives in San Francisco. She is an incredibly gracious host and made her town one of the most memorable stops of the trip with a mix of roller skating, shooting foam arrows at strangers, site-seeing in The Mission, and good beer. I shot the flower trimmings in LA, but thought that they juxtaposed well with her portrait.

This is Curtis. He's an amazing musician, storyteller, and - well - person, really. This is a shot of him studying while he's on vacation. His mind never rests. That's an admirable trait, to be sure.

I realize that I should take my camera with me everywhere when I'm at home, too, but I rarely do. Perhaps this post is a good reason to start.

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