Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I stumbled upon the first issue of Respect a few months back, and was absolutely blown away by the concept. Calling itself a "photo-journal of hip-hop," Respect is a celebration of the symbiotic relationship/collaboration between hip hop artists and photographers. The magazine puts it like this: "With the print game changing and the ever-growing amount of free urban content on the Web, there is a need for a publication that raises the quality standard, delivering world-class editorial and images by some of the most celebrated photographers in pop culture."

In fewer words, it's bad-ass.

One of the other cool things the magazine has created is a series of ads, sponsored by K-SWISS, called the self-portrait series. Here is an example, featuring photographer Jonathan Mannion:

What I like best about the series isn't so much the portrait, but the mini-documentaries they post on their website about the featured photographer. Here's part one of Mannion's:

If you're a fan of hip hop, photography, or (like me) both - pick yourself up a copy of Respect.

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