Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Westward The Wagons

As a kid with Navy parents, moving every couple of years was inevitable. I whined about the inconvenience of having to constantly make new friends and re-establish my footing in a new school, but I truly think the endless travel prepared me perfectly for a career in photography:

Meeting new people? Check.
Packing, unpacking, repacking? Check.
Long flights and long drives? Check.
Ability to adapt in almost any scenario? Check.

That the desire to travel hits me more often than I am able to indulge in it is undeniable. Perhaps soon my career will take me on the road more often. For now, I'll have to make do with personal trips, camera in tow. This week, I'm traveling up and down the West Coast indulging in another of my favorite art forms. I'll be taking pictures along the way, and will try to post something from each city.

I figure it's about time I made this blog a little more 'play' and a little less 'work.'

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