Tuesday, June 12, 2012

R.I.P. Dr. Milam B. Pharo

I had the privilege of shooting Dr. Pharo last September for Dallas Child Magazine. The magazine's photo editor, Lauren, had gone to Dr. Pharo throughout her childhood, and at 87, he was still a practicing pediatrician. He had a very fun and self-effacing manner, and it was a pleasure getting to spend the better part of an hour with him. He passed away on Sunday at his home.

I was quite surprised to receive an e mail from Lauren saying that Dr. Pharo's staff has asked to use the shot that ran with the article for his funeral service. I of course agreed and feel honored by the request. 

Here's the shot:

Rest In Peace, Dr. Pharo

{all images © Nick Prendergast}


  1. He was my Dr. till I was in my teens and he finally made me go to a "Adult" Dr. My Family used his services for all of out children. Great Dr. and a really caring guy. You deserve the rest! RIP Doc...

  2. We had him for a couple of years for my son, he was an amazing man. Spry until the very end. We just saw him a few weeks ago...just the sweetest and kindest person. Really loved children. He will be missed.

  3. He was my doctor and then my children's doctor. He was a part of my childhood and I am so sad. He was amazing and had such a big heart an truly loves his job. He lived such a full life and I feel blessed to have known him. Rest in Peace, Dr Pharo, you were one of a kind.

  4. According to my mother, Dr Pharo was at the hospital the day I was born. This means that along with the exception of my parents, Dr Pharo has known me longer than anyone else. I was one of those patients who saw him into adulthood. He was an absolute miracle in my life. My mother (and I think my grandmother) saw him as did my wife. Most recently, our friends brought their daughter - our goddaughter - to see him after interviewing several pediatricians in Dallas. When I was a kid I told all my friends they should see him. He meant the world to my family and myself. I went to the visitation last night and the funeral today and have cried so much, you'd think he was actually related to me! The truth is, we saw him as family. He knew me so well that when I'd talk about my problems or life, he'd already know why I felt the way I did. He knew about the health risks I had from my family and kept an eye out for them and made me feel better about those risks. He just kept everyone at ease. I could go on and on and on about how personal he was but I would be remiss if I didn't say that he was the consummate professional. I had some of the most embarrassing illnesses over the years and he checked me out and treated me appropriately. He did it both as a friend and as a doctor. People say, "There will never be another like him" about almost everyone and it's usually boilerplate language when losing a loved one but I've not met anyone like him and if I ever do, I'll consider myself extremely lucky and blessed by God. I've met doctors who are similar to him but never anyone actually like him. I will never forget him. He was absolutely one of the kindest, smartest, sharpest, most active and amazing men I've ever met. My family will never be the same without him. Thank you for these photos. You brought such dignity to an amazing man beloved by so many.

    1. Thank you so much. I am extremely moved and honored by your comments.