Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Work: Lost Oak Winery

I had the extreme privilege of shooting Gene Estes and Jim Evans of Lost Oak Winery. The guys were fantastic subjects, and obviously very fond of each other. They even let the writer and me sample some of their award-winning product. Excellent stuff, to be sure.

Here are a few outtakes from the great time I spent with Gene and Jim:

Jim Evans and Gene Estes enjoy a merlot in one of their storage facilities.
Gene sets bottles while Jim feeds corks into the corker in their bottling facility.
Jim and Gene in the vineyard.
{all images © Nick Prendergast}


  1. Hi Nick,

    Would it be possible to use any of these photos, providing you with photo credits, on the 4.0 facebook page? I'd like to include them in a little owner spotlight post, featuring Lost Oak Winery.


  2. You can email be here: haleyvanessa@hotmail.com