Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Peters Bros - Fort Worth, TX

{Javier steams a straw hat's brim}
I shot the folks at Peters Bros hats in downtown Fort Worth, TX as part of my ongoing 'Craftsmen' Series.

A very brief history: The Peters brothers - Jim and Tom - were Greek immigrants who started their business in Waco as a shoe shining operation. In 1911, they moved into a storefront in downtown Fort Worth and began repairing and cleaning hats on the side. In 1921, Tom moved to Philadelphia to work for Stetson. After learning what he could from the master hatters there, he returned to Fort Worth to begin making custom hats of his own. Millionaire Amon Carter took such a liking to their hats (especially their Shady Oak, named after his ranch) that he would give them as gifts to celebrities and dignitaries when they travelled through North Texas. In 1933, after Jim passed away, Tom Peters moved the business into the building it occupies to this day, 909 Houston Street. Tom's grandson Joe Peters runs the shop now, using the same processes and honoring the same level of quality that made Peters Brothers reputation when the brand began.

{Current owner Joe Peters}
{Joe presses a felt hat"body" into a hat form}
{Joe checks the brim on a freshly steamed hat}
{A 'Shady Oak' gets some shape to its brim}
{Peter's Bros signature hat: The Shady Oak}
{Wooden hat forms}
{Bands for practice gold-stamping}
{Letters for gold-stamping the customer's name inside the custom hats}
{Peters Bros sign outside their storefront @ 909 Houston St}


  1. Sad to say Joe passed away this last weekend. He will be missed.