Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Benjamin Hubert - Tetanus Jewelry

© Nick Prendergast

This is Benjamin Hubert. Aside from being an extremely cool guy and helpful hand on set, he's also the designer of some truly amazing jewelry and accessories made from bugs, bones, teeth, fire, stones, found objects, antique and oxidized metals. His one of a kind pieces make for great gifts. Go to his website and buy something now.

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  1. Creative, caring, intelligent, artistic and very organized, guy! I should know he is my son.Proud that he has found his niche in life and on his path...journey to fulfillment & happiness. Love your jewelry and maybe u can drop me a line or call. Love your style...very different from the last time we met in Dallas.Hope all is well say hello to your sweetie, she is very pretty.
    love you always, Sandee