Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blurb Book

I had heard about Blurb Books from another photographer who had used their website to make his printed portfolio. It looked great, like a coffee table book filled with his own work.

My wife and I had talked a few months earlier about how one of the really disappointing aspects of digital vs. film was the loss of the printed snapshot. For years, we had kept numerous photo albums of our travels, pictures of friends and family. But as I switched to digital, all those kinds of snapshots went to live on a computer hard drive, never really to be seen again.

As a response to that complaint, I decided to make a book from the hundreds of photos we shot on our trip to Europe this past summer. It's a 12" by12" bound book with an 'Image Wrap' cover and premium luster paper.

The print quality isn't quite as dynamic as I would have liked, but as a document of a great trip, it's perfect. I gave it to my wife for her birthday, and she says it's the best and most thoughtful gift she's ever been given. How's that for an endorsement?

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