Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boys Named Sue

I'm not going to lie to you... This was a tough one. The band had very little time before a three hour show, and I had a couple of versions I desperately wanted to try. It is worth noting, however, that the most challenging shoots are the ones that tend to produce the most unexpected (and often surprisingly good) results.

Boys Named Sue are a no-fuss, honky tonk/country-inspired band. I only include the hyphen because the genre they inhabit (rather tongue-in-cheekily) is a genre that I really respect. These Boys don't disrespect country, by any means, but they ain't exactly penitent for their version of it, either. But I digress...

After listening to some of their songs, I decided it might make a nice portrait to shoot these Boys at a poker table, drinking PBR and playing some bastardization of the game. Having wasted much precious time trying to unload the table and props, my assistant suggested I shoot the Boys hanging out while he prepped the set. Great advice... Funny how that works.

I'll post a version of the poker scenario out-take for good measure:

I like the poker shot. But I'm glad I broke away to shoot the Boys with their guard down. I can definitely see why the magazine picked one from that session instead. 

Here's to heeding good advice...

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  1. Great pix. Always go for the off the cuff...don't you have a shirt that says that?